W(ダブリュー)青山 表参道より移転し2022年5月オープン!




小さなワインショップ『The Cellar』とレストラン『The Grill』を併設し、




もちろんワインの購入のみも大歓迎! ワインショップとしてもお気軽にご利用下さい。


[W Aoyama] Renewal Open!

May 9, 2022 (Monday) Relocation & New Grand Opening Notice:
W was closed due to the move from the Omotesando location to Aoyama, but this May it has reopened as “W Aoyama”.
Has a small wine shop “The Cellar” and a restaurant “The Grill”.  Over 200 kinds of wine are sold at the standard retail price, and you can enjoy them with the food from the restaurant for a  ¥900. Corkage fee. We are particular about locally sourced  ingredients, and we mainly prepare fresh vegetables, seafood, meat grilled dishes, seafood platters, Belgian fritz, pasta, etc. in a la carte.  Of course, wine only purchases are welcome as well so feel free to use it as your favorite go to wine shop!